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Experienced. Knowledgeable. Professional.

We're Frank. We are a boutique agency providing prompt and personal service in the Auckland region.


The traditional corporate real estate agencies have a reactive approach to tenant requirements. At Frank we take a proactive approach with tenants, and by understanding their needs provide a range of suitable commercial property options.


Our streamlined process means a better result for both tenants and landlords.

With Frank, tenants are better equipped to make an informed decision, streamlining the lease process for landlords.



Laura founded Frank Commercial in 2018, after years of envisioning starting up her own company. 

She stepped into the role as Director of Frank with a strong and clear vision for the company. With over a decades worth of experience in the field - she has built a strong rapport in the industry and is a leading commercial property broker in her respective areas of Auckland. 


Her professional experience is strengthened by her qualifications - with an MBA in Sustainability and Operations Management, Bachelor of Property, Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing and International Business) and an authorised financial adviser. 


Laura is proud to lead a team of dynamic agents who are like-minded and have a “work hard, play hard” attitude. 

Her key traits represent Frank well - Laura is driven, savvy and personable. Naturally extroverted - it was no surprise to herself or others that this would lead her down the path of property sales.  


Well versed in identifying valuable properties and in site acquisitions - she is also aware that every professional relationship with landlord and tenants looks different. Laura puts a high priority on diversifying herself to suit each of these partnerships. 

Her strong interest in property surpasses just her role on the commercial side - she is a keen property owner and has invested in residential property around the country. 

She considers the slopes of Queenstown her second home and she enjoys weekends spent at her property there with her young family. 

Get in touch with Laura for your next listing and gain an unparalleled insight into the market. 


When it comes to Auckland’s Eastern fringe property market, Chelsia is rich in expertise. A premier agent in her domain and a vibrant breath of fresh air - she is an invaluable member of the Frank team.


Chelsia’s background as a mortgage adviser lead her to work with Frank Director, Laura Osborne. Her passion for the industry made bringing her on-board Frank in its infancy as an agent a no-brainer.


Having strong morale and problem-solving skills is in Chelsia’s nature and in a competitive environment where time is always of the essence, her ultimate goal is finding the perfect space for her clients.


Hailing from Scotland, Chelsia visited New Zealand on a holiday in 2013 and fell for the lifestyle and energy of Auckland’s ‘big little city’.


There is no place like home and the landscape of her hometown Edinburgh provided the perfect backdrop for her wedding in 2018.


In an ideal world, Chelsia would spend every weekend on scenic Waiheke. When she’s not adventuring around Auckland and beyond she is at home working on DIY projects.


Look no further than Chelsia to match you with your next office or retail space.


Sally’s vast network of connections and dedication to her clients makes her a dynamic agent in her sector.


With a strong Sales and Management background, her entrance into the market as a commercial broker made for a perfect fit. 

Auckland’s Western Fringe is Sally's area of work and she has an abundance of success stories under her belt - matching tenants to their ideal commercial properties is her strong suit. The face-to-face nature of the job is something that she values and this aids her management of positive landlord-agent relations well. 


Sally’s gregarious personality and flair for being in-the-know when it comes to the trends of the market ensures expertise in matching tenants to properties that fit both their vision and practicalities.


Outside of the office, Sally’s ideal day would involve a sun-soaked beach and a good book. She enjoys exploring both her active and creative sides - always keen to get on the water for some paddle surfing or participating in yoga retreats.


Equipped with the skill-set to find top tier properties, you would be in good hands with Sally on-board the hunt for your next space on the Western Fringe.


With a background in relationship management, marketing, human resources & event coordination - her epic and diverse skill set enhances the experience of all clients she collaborates with.


Sasha is our Auckland CBD and Albany maestro. It didn’t take long for Sasha to find her niche in the market, her comprehensive ability to problem solve in addition to her strong personal drive makes her a much-valued addition to the Frank team.


In her spare time, Sasha takes the stage as a competitive bodybuilder, winning the “Ms Figure” title at her most recent competition.

She enjoys anything outdoors or health and fitness related.


Caitline came on-board Frank in its infancy, playing a vital role in building it from the ground up.


She has been involved in the industry for several years now and has amassed a network she is eager to continue to grow. She is always a friendly face, extremely knowledgeable and forward thinking in all areas of her day-to-day interactions.


Caitline's ‘ah-ha” moment, realising she should pursue a career as a commercial agent, occurred not long after landing the role of agency administrator. Constantly inspired by her surrounding, she has decided to embark on her journey to join her peers as a commercial leasing broker later in the year.


She has mastered skills and in many areas, including social media management, graphic design, website design, photography and interior styling/design - all proving extremely valuable in today’s society.


Her fluency in English, Mandarin-Chinese and Taiwanese assists her majorly when working with various clients.


In her spare time, Caitline is an avid adventurer and traveller. She loves a Summer roadie and enjoys weekends spent exploring new places in the city and beyond - with a knack for being in tune with the food, arts and culture scene in Auckland.





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